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Map shows trails in Oxford County

  • Ordway Grove — A sweet, easy, .5-mile trail near town with lookouts over the lake. Dogs allowed.
  • Railroad Trail — This path follows an old train track, it’s about .8 miles and not very well tended, or wasn’t when I was there in the fall of 2016. Dogs allowed.
  • Witt Swamp — About a mile, with some boardwalks, and a little peek over the swamp. Well maintained and easy. Dogs allowed.
  • Shepard’s Farm Preserve — By next year, this preserve will connect with Witt Swamp. If you’d like to train your kid how to ride mountain bikes, this is the trail for you! It’s really well made. Dogs allowed.
  • Roberts Farm — 7.5 miles of trails here, about 5 groomed in the winter for nordic skiing.