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Map shows Washington County trails

  • Mowry Beach Preserve — This is a .4-mile boardwalk (or mostly boardwalk) through pretty scrubland to the 1.2-mile Mowry Beach. 
  • Hamilton Cove — The trails spread out here like tentacles. Most are one-way, leading to some lovely areas. All told, the trail network is more than two miles. 
  • Boot Head — Very pretty spot on the Bold Coast. High seaside cliffs. Loop trail is a little more than two miles. 
  • Horan Head — This is a lovely area (with a four-mile or so trail network) but the trail needed work in the summer of 2017. It’s worth it for the views from the rocky points.
  • Morong Cove — The trails here were not passable in the summer of 2017. 
  • Klondike Mountain — A short hike to an open summit with views all around. 
  • Pike Lands — You can walk to two shorelines here on either side of the peninsula, one trail is about 1 mile, the other half that. 
  • Quoddy Head State Park — Totally gorgeous spot. You can go for a 1-mile loop walk or a roughly 3.8-mile loop that takes you through spectacular coastal scenery, mossy forests, pebbly coves, misty bog, and to a sandy beach and a famous light house. Dogs allowed but there are many visitors here.