South Portland

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Map shows trails in Cumberland County

  • Clark’s Pond Trail — Why not take a walk instead of go shopping? There’s about 2.5 miles of trails (retracing your steps) along Long Creek. If you’re inspired, you can bring a trash bag and pick up litter.
  • Hinckley Park — A delightful 40-acre park close to Millcreek Plaza with two ponds and about a 1-mile loop trail.
  • Greenbelt Walkway — Walk more than 5 miles one way on a paved path. Or cycle it!
  • And connected to the Greenbelt, the Eastern Trail — This is a long-distance bike path. The off-road sections are great.
  • Spring Point Shoreway — A heavenly little walk (1.5- to 2ish-miles, or shorter) with a lot of interesting pieces: a sandy beach, history, a light house. Dogs allowed except probably not on the beach in the summer.
  • Long Creek Trail — A mile walk along the creek, good for locals.
  • Trout Brook Nature Area — A really lovely “pocket” park, with a few short trails. 
  • Dow Woods Trail — A short walk in a 9-acre preserve with a 2-acre pond.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!