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Maps shows Cumberland County

  • Shaw Park and Gambo Preserve — This is a popular place and it has paved trails. You can do a loop here that’s a little over two miles. D
  • Claire Drew Trail — Wide trails, wheelchair accessible on this small preserve. 
  • St. Pierre Preserve — More of a fishing spot than a trail, but there is a .3-mile path here. And it’s pretty. 
  • Hawkes Preserve — Well-marked one-mile loop trail, with a good portage into the Presumpscot River. 
  • Little River Preserve — This is a peaceful place, and I walked for 1.5 or so miles. 
  • Gorham Trails — Several miles of trails that are popular with mountain bikers near the middle and high schools. Continues across Route 112.
  • Tannery Brook — A little under two miles of trails here, fairly well marked, and includes a pond. 
  • Sea to Sebago Trail — This long-distance biking or walking path goes from Portland to Sebago Lake theoretically, but it is still in the works. The most developed part, as far as I can tell, is the section from Windham through Gorham to Standish and the lake. Great biking.
  • Cummings Preserve — A 1-mile walk along the Presumpscot River, below the impressive Dundee Dam. 
  • USM Trails — There is a lot of little mountain bike trails behind the campus, as well as some regular walking paths.
  • West Sky — A .6-mile loop in the woods, off of busy Narragansett Street.
  • Nelson Preserve — A one-mile loop on a 36-acre preserve.
  • Shaw Cherry Hill Farm — A popular universally-accessible trail system (2.7 miles in the network) that runs along the edge of beautiful fields and through old forest. 
  • Cross Town Trail — If you want to get away from the crowds at Shaw Cherry Hill Farm, and you’re looking for an easy walk, you can traipse along this former railroad track. It’s not as beautiful as the farm, though.