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Map shows trails in Lincoln County

  • Bass Rock — This is a wee walk, about a half mile, with views and a chance to check out a mysterious hole. 
  • Bearce-Allen Nature Preserve — Go here for a fun, interpretative walk and to test your basic tree identifying skills! A roughly 2-mile hike if you include adjacent Norgal Preserve. 
  • Bristol Recreational Trail — A short 1-mile or so hike, dogs allowed, next to the local school. Views over the tidal river.
  • Crooked Farm Nature Preserve — Almost three miles of walking here, dogs allowed. Views of Boyd Pond and a gentle stretch of the Pemaquid River.
  • La Verna Nature Preserve — Amazing, dramatic, thrilling! A forested trail takes you to a dramatic section of the Atlantic coastline. Popular. About three miles of walking here.
  • Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve — A historical preserve, a favorite spot of Rachel Carson’s. Across the street from the rocky shore is a short looped trail. No dogs allowed.
  • Hatchtown Preserve — Two shortish loops on 35 acres. Pretty views of Pemaquid River wetlands. 

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!

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