Greenville, near Greenville

Map shows trails in Piscataquis County. Town trails below.

  • Appalachian Mountain Club Wilderness Lodges — There are more than 80 miles of groomed tracks in this wonderful lodge-to-lodge ski network, plus more ungroomed, backcountry trails. The trail system and lodges are open year round.
  • Lily Bay State Park — A two-mile, easy trail hews to the shore of Moosehead Lake in this 924-acre state park.
  • Burnt Jacket Mountain — In under a mile, you can reach the summit of this 1,680-foot mountain, with a bit of a view.
  • B-52 Bomber Memorial Site — A .25-track takes visitors around the debris field of the tragic crash site of a US plane in 1963, on Elephant Mountain. No trail to the summit.
  • Number 4 Mountain — Number Four Mountain (2,894 ft.) is a little less traveled than other, showier peaks in the Moosehead region, but it provides great views from a challenging, yet doable, 4.2-mile roundtrip hike. 
  • White Cap Mountain —  A challenging 7.3-mile roundtrip hike, with astonishing views from the open summit. 
  • Prong Pond Trail — A relatively easy one-mile walk through a forest to the quiet shores of Prong Pond. Expect the Maine woods usual: roots, rocks, and some ups and down.
  • Blue Ridge Trail — We recommend sticking to the 3.1-mile loop to Rum and Cranberry Ponds and skipping the 3.9-mile ridge trail. At least for now, while the trail network is being developed.
  • Little Moose Mountain — Hike to a scenic rocky outcrop on the long ridge line of Little Moose Mountain for great views, and continue to the shores of remote ponds on the 3.7-mile Loop Trail.
  • Big Moose Mountain — A 2-mile hike, with a long and steep stretch, brings you to the top of this mountain, which forms the backdrop to so many views in the Greenville area. The views at the top are great.
  • Eagle Rock — Astonishing views from an exposed slab of rock, jutting high into the air. You can tackle this peak from two directions, one way is 3.7 miles, the other 1.5 miles.
  • Mt Kineo State Park — Climbing Mt. Kineo should not be missed if you can catch the 10-minute ferry to the island park in the middle of the lake. The hike up Indian Trail is gorgeous! But walking along the flat and easy Carriage Trail is lovely, too. If you can, try to make it to Hardscabble Point, where there is a small gravel beach.