Greenville, near Greenville

Map shows trails in Piscataquis County. Town trails below.

  • Appalachian Mountain Club Wilderness Lodges — There are more than 80 miles of groomed tracks in this wonderful lodge-to-lodge ski network, plus more ungroomed, backcountry trails. The trail system and lodges are open year round.
  • Lily Bay State Park — A two-mile, easy trail hews to the shore of Moosehead Lake in this 924-acre state park.
  • Burnt Jacket Mountain — In under a mile, you can reach the summit of this 1,680-foot mountain, with a bit of a view.
  • B-52 Bomber Memorial Site — A .25-track takes visitors around the debris field of the tragic crash site of a US plane in 1963, on Elephant Mountain. No trail to the summit.
  • Number 4 Mountain — Number Four Mountain (2,894 ft.) is a little less traveled than other, showier peaks in the Moosehead region, but it provides great views from a challenging, yet doable, 4.2-mile roundtrip hike. 
  • White Cap Mountain —  A challenging 7.3-mile roundtrip hike, with astonishing views from the open summit.