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Map shows trails in Cumberland County

  • Bald Pate Mountain Preserve — A lovely, moderately easy walk (about .5-mile) to an open summit with beautiful views all around. There are more trails in this network. 
  • Pondicherry Park — 66 wooded acres with a field, a covered bridge, a spring and a brook, very close to town. 
  • Holt Pond Preserve — A 4.5-mile or so walk around a pretty pond. No dogs allowed, wet and marshy, with lots of boardwalks. No dogs allowed.
  • Pleasant Mountain — A glorious 2,000-foot mountain, with 10 miles of trails, great views, well-marked trails, and a fair number of hikers. 
  • Stevens Brook Trail — This is a two-mile, there-and-back trail that laces through the town of Bridgton. Because there are some sections along roads, take care if you bring your pup. The trail is pretty flat. HI highly recommend you bring a map with you!
  • Bridgton Highlands Nordic Trails — This is a wonderful place for x-c skiing, on groomed trails for Classing skiing. There are more than nine miles. There is no fee but donations are welcome.
  • Peabody-Fitch Woods and Narramissic Farm — You can walk on a half-mile wheelchair-accessibly trail around a meadow bordered by a stonewall. And then head up into the woods to check out old quarry sites. I think the mid-19-century historical farm museum looks fascinating, and will come back one day to tour it.
  • Highland Research Forest — About 3 miles of trails — on old wood roads and narrower footpaths — take you through this Lakes Environmental Association research forest and to the edge of a wetland and of Highland Lake.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!