Sanford and Springvale

Map shows trails in York County.

  • Mousam Way (Center) — There is a remarkable trail system along the section of the Mousam River that runs through Sanford and Springvale. The trails are well-marked, some of them are paved, and they are often—especially the parts right next to the river—beautiful and wild-seeming, especially considering they’re close to town. The center section has wheelchair accessible sections and is the lengthiest; there are about 3 miles or so in the network. 
  • Mousam Way South — Part of the trail system Sanford has created along the Mousam River. This 1-mile-ish walk includes a 300-foot bridge over a wetland. 
  • Mousam Way behind the high school — Keep walking along the river! Here you have particularly easy trails — compacted old dirt roads. It’s quiet and peaceful.
  • Mousam Way North — This is the most beautiful of the three trail systems along the Mousam River in Sanford. The trail runs up a mile or so on both sides of the river, passing pools, small rapids, and interesting riverside boulders. It includes a local park and swimming hole.
  • Hall Environmental Reserve — This preserve, abutting the Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail, has a great 1-mile nature path, filled with interesting information about the land. The 2-mile loop circles Deering Pond.
  • Harvey Butler Rhododendron Sanctuary — I can’t wait to return here when the 5-acre stand of native rhododendrons is in bloom! A 0.7-mile trail brings you to the fenced-in rhododendron garden, which feels like coming upon a secret place hidden in the woods.
  • Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail — Six miles of an old railroad bed have been turned into a walking path (that also allows ATVs and snowmobiles). It’s good to ski after a fresh snow. There are lots of trails—some marked, most not—leading off from the rail trail, too.
  • Sanford Community Forest — 550 acres contiguous to the Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail. Trails being developed, I believe, but there is a pleasant woods-road loop as of spring 2022.
  • Great Works Reserve — A one-way 0.4-mile trail leads to a short boardwalk and viewing platform in an Atlantic white cedar swamp.
  • Fawcett-Goodwin Reserve — A loop in the woods abutting the power line corridor.