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Map shows trails in Kennebec County

  • Small-Burnham Conservation Area — A 250-acre preservation, with shady, cool forests and two open meadows. More than 2.4 miles of trails.
  • Holman Conservation Area — A pretty 75-acre preserve, with an old quarry pond and easy wide trails. 
  • Smithfield Plantation — A 1.3-mile loop in the woods, with an overlook on an estuary. 
  • Webber-Rogers Farmstead Conservation Area — A 117-acre conservation with a 1.5-mile loop, fields, and a long, lovely stretch of path along Upper Pleasant Pond. No dogs allowed.
  • Woodbury Nature Sanctuary — On this 400-acre parcel straddling Monmouth and Litchfield, you will find more than four miles of trails, two small summits, views!, an old cemetery, and a lovely pond and stream. Dogs are not allowed.
  • Litchfield Community Park trails — An impressive achievement by the Conservation Commission and volunteers, the town park has a well-made trail system (roughly 2.6 miles) through varied habitat.
2 comments to “Litchfield”
2 comments to “Litchfield”

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