South Bristol

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Map shows trails in Lincoln County

  • Walpole Woods — About a 1.1-mile loop through quiet woods. Includes a small wetland.
  • Plummer Point — 2.2 miles or so on a 71-acre preserve that offers views of gorgeous coves along Damariscotta River and Long Cove. 
  • Seal Cove Shore Preserve — 1.3-mile wooded loop with views of Seal Cove. 
  • Tracy Shore — A network of trails, about 1.5 miles in total, one of which leads to an overlook with beautiful views over a river cove. 
  • Library Park — A short walk, which connects to Tracy Shore, and also offers access to the shore of John’s Bay. 
  • Darling Marine Center — This hub of marine research and education invites walkers onto its roughly 3.5-mile network of trails, some of which edge a narrow cove and the Damariscotta River.
  • Rutherford Island Preserve — A delightful .4-mile walk takes you to a lookout over Damariscotta River, with a bench.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!