Rangeley and near Rangeley

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Map shows trails in Franklin County

  • Mingo Springs Trail and Bird Walk — This is a very well maintained, wide, smooth and easy 2.6-mile or so path (with a shorter version possible) that takes you through varied terrain around the gold course, including some pretty meadows. 
  • Rangeley River Conservation Lands — This short walk has promise, but needs some TLC (in summer 2017). Looks like a good place for fishing. 
  • Hatchery Brook Preserve — A short loop, about a mile, with picnic tables and places to swim. 
  • Hunter Cove Wildlife Sanctuary — Another short, 1-mile or so loop with a picnic table and spot for swimming, if you’re inclined. Interior trails needed some work in summer 2017. 
  • Bonney Point Trail —  From a .6-mile loo,  a .4-mile there-and-back leg takes you to a pretty spot on the lake with a picnic table and a dock for swimming. 
  • Bald Mountain — A very popular 1.2-mile (one way) hike to a fire tower with stupendous views. Steep in parts. 
  • Maine Forestry Museum Trails — The roughly 1.6-mile network of trails take you to a pretty stream and a picnicking place by Haley Pond. 
  • Wilhelm Reich Museum Trails — Both the trails and the museum offer up something a bit different than the usual. There’s about 3.5 miles of trails in the network.
  • Smalls Falls — This is not really a trail (just a quick clamber up alongside a waterfall), and it’s also not really in Rangeley!, but it’s a great spot if you love waterfalls and waterfall pools.
  • Rangeley Lake State Park — The trails here are short one-way paths (one is about .9 miles, the other .8 miles, approximately). They can be rooty at times.
  • West Kennebago Mountain — A 3,705-foot mountain with radio towers and helipad at the top. Moderate 1.8-mile (one-way) hike with decent views.
  • Azicohos Mountain — A gorgeous 1.8-mile (one way) hike to a 3,215-ft peak. It’s on private land, and the trailhead is a mite tricky to find, but the path is well-blazed and easy to follow.
  • Angel Falls — An easy, but rocky .4-mile or so trail up a stream to the 90-foot Angel Falls. 
  • Spencer Pond — A .3-mile easy trail to a little pond.
  • Piazza Rock — Along the Appalachian Trail, this 1.8-mile (one way) easy hike leads to a large rock jutting sideways from the mountain, and to some caves caused by fallen boulders. 
  • Rangeley Lakes Trails Center — More than 30 miles of groomed cross-country ski trails in the winter, hiking/biking trails in the summer (although they might be wet).
  • Saddleback Mountain — Choose your own adventure on how to summit one of Maine’s tallest mountain and experience its majestic ridge line.
  • Rock and Midway Ponds trails — It’s about .4 miles from the trailhead to Rock Pond, a remote pool in the mountains, and another mile or so to overlooks of Midway Pond and of Rangeley Lake. You can continue to Midway Pond, too, to visit another quiet pond, before turning back or continuing a big hike to Saddleback Mountain!