Posted on August 30, 2013 and last updated on September 03, 2018

Denny Reed Point Trail, Phippsburg


  • Preserve Size: 1,846 acres
  • Trail Mileage: 1.2 miles in network
  • Pets: no
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Sights: The Basin, a saltwater inlet on the New Meadows River

Sprague Pond Trail in red, Mica Mine in green, Denny Reed in blue and New Meadows in lilac.

Like the Mica Mine trail, the Denny Reed trail  is part of The Nature Conservancy’s Basin Preserve. At the point, it’s possible to see the remains of an old stone dam that was once part of a tidal mill, one of several in the Basin in the early 19th century. Tides here were harnessed to power a sawmill, a gristmill and a carding mill to serve three industries — lumber, agriculture and textile manufacturing. The trail head is off Decker Hill Road, a beautiful dirt road that’s also good for a walk. There are a few other trails in the basin, which I’ve marked on my map. They’re connected by a dirt road.

The swimming is decent at the end of the trail, with smooth ledgy rocks lining the shore of the Basin.

Directions (from Maine Trail Finder): From Route 209 southbound in Phippsburg, turn right onto Basin Road (about 0.7 miles south of the intersection of 209 and Parker Head Road). Proceed on Basin Road (it turns to gravel) about 1.6 miles, passing two gravel roads intersecting from the right. At the intersection at mile ~1.6, stay right to continue on Basin Road, shortly passing a boat launch on the right. As you ascend away from the shore, at ~2miles from route 209, bear right on Decker Hill Road. Travel ~0.25 miles and park on the right at the east trailhead.