Posted on October 6, 2019 and last updated on October 09, 2019

Coburn Mountain, near Jackman and West Forks


  • Preserve Size: N/A
  • Trail Mileage: 1.4 mile one way
  • Pets: yes
  • Difficulty: challenging, elevation gain 1,344 ft.
  • Sights: Views from 3,718-ft. summit

The views are outstanding from this 3,718-foot mountain’s small observation deck (which, for those of us with a fear of heights, isn’t too dreadful to climb).

To find the beginning of the trail, you’ll have to drive your car up a rough but passable road to the former Enchanted Mountain ski area, which closed in the 1970s. There is nothing left of the enterprise except the parking area and the indentations of a few old ski runs on the mountain. When you arrive at the mountain base (a big cleared area where you can park), take the road headed off to your right, if you’re facing the mountain. Walk .2 miles down this road or so, and when the road makes a sharp turn to the right, you’ll see a rocky snowmobile trail headed steeply up straight in front of you. There is no trail sign.

The trail (it must have been an old ski run?) is really steep. You climb a good ways on this rocky route, approximately 1 mile, until you reach a small radio tower. Continue ascending on the snowmobile path for 150 feet. You’ll see the footpath on your right, marked with a cairn. It heads into mossy spruce woods — and is damp and cool for what will likely be a sweaty climb, because it is steep. In about .25 mile you’ll reach the open top, where there’s more radio equipment and the viewing platform.

To return, you can take the footpath back down, or follow the longer (8/10 of a mile) and gradual snowmobile path, which offers some additional views but can be quite wet in areas.

Directions: The trailhead is off Enchanted Mountain Road, which extends west from Route 201. From the intersection of Route 201 and 15 in Jackman, the intersection of Route 201 and Enchanted Mountain Road is 14.3 miles south. From the bridge over the Kennebec River in The Forks, it’s 10. 6 miles north. Once you’re on Enchanted Mountain Road, go 2.1 miles on a passable but rough road (stay right when the road splits early on). You’ll come to the old ski mountain base, where you can park. You can also park right at the trailhead, .2 miles away, if you have a good car.


Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!