Posted on October 6, 2019 and last updated on July 07, 2022

Boundary Bald Mountain, near Jackman


  • Preserve Size: N/A
  • Trail Mileage: ~2.6 miles one way
  • Pets: yes
  • Difficulty: challenging, elevation gain 1,780 ft.
  • Sights: sweeping views from an open 3,638-foot summit

If you don’t mind enjoying it with damp feet, the rocky 3,638-foot summit of Boundary Bald Mountain with its 360-degree views is really amazing. But the 2.4-mile path to the summit follows a “seasonal slate streambed,” according to the Appalachian Mountain Club, which might explain the many wet spots you’ll encounter!

To get to the footpath, you first have to walk along Trail Road, a dirt logging track. At 1.4 miles, where the public portion of the road ends, you’ll reach a small clearing and will see a blazed footpath to your left. It’s about 1 mile from here to the the summit ridge. It’s easy to follow the path the whole way, but do expect to encounter some very steep sections and some scrambling over rocks. In some sections of the path the spruce trees close in tightly, and it can feel as if you’re walking through a sweet-smelling Christmas wreath! A bit before you reach the summit, you’ll see a sign for a defunct path to the North Road (at least, it appeared to be defunct; it’s completely grown over). A sign for the summit shows you the right way to go (up!). Soon after, you’ll come out to the summit ridge, which is covered with low, scrubby evergreens. You can continue following the narrow path to the summit and to the helipad and radio tower at the far end.

Directions: From the bridge in Jackman over the Moose River, go just about 8 miles to Bald Mountain Road. The turn onto the road is about .25 miles north of the rest area for the Falls (definitely check this waterfall out! And walk down the steep bank to look at the unusual river channel made by two slabs of rock). After you turn onto Bald Mountain Road, pass through the gate and drive roughly 4.5 miles on a relatively decent gravel road. Ignore a minor track on the left you pass at about 2.5 miles. When the road splits at mile 4 or so, go left (the road gets bit worse at this point) for another quarter mile on Notch Road. When you get to the next junction, turn left to park in the grassy cleared area on the left. There will be a gated road to your left, and Trail Road, to the trailhead, continues straight, up the hill.


Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!