Pork Point Walking Trail, Bowdoinham

At this amazing town parcel, you can follow a 0.75-mile well-worn trail along the edge of the Kennebec River to Pork Point. There are wonderful views most of the way.

The path is unmarked but easy to follow. At times the trail gets quite narrow and edges the short but steep bank down to the river, but for the most part it is flat and easy (with occasional fallen trees requiring a big step).

After you round the corner of Pork Point, the trail continues along the river behind fields before petering out.

When it’s warm out—go for a swim!

Directions: The closest address is 304 Pork Point Rd. Once you are on Pork Point Road, look for a white farmhouse across from wide fields. A few meters from the house on the opposite side of the street is a small parking area and a yellow gate. There’s room for about two cars. If the lot is full, you can park along the side of the road.

Red Rose Preserve, Bowdoinham

The well-designed loop trail begins and ends at two corners of the school’s ballfields. When you park in the lot, on the side farthest from Bowdoinham Community School, you’ll see the trailhead kiosk set a short distance from the parking lot, between the lot and the ballfields. From the kiosk, walk along the ballfield and look for the two trail entrances into the woods at the two back corners of the field. The looped Gully Trail heads steeply down and over a beautiful boardwalk (on both sides!). The trail is mostly wooded, with one section coming out on some pretty hayfields. I absolutely love the name of the preserve—it’s poetic and alluring. But I didn’t spot any roses! I did see many beautiful ferns.

Directions: Take Route 1 south from Bath toward Brunswick. Take the ME-196 W exit toward ME-24/I-295/Topsham. Turn right at the first intersection after the exit. Then turn left onto ME-24 N and follow for 7.4 miles. Turn left onto Ridge Road and drive up the hill. Park in the gravel lot for Bowdoinham’s sports fields.

Cathance Meadows, Bowdoinham

This is a short trail that takes you to views over the Cathance River. To access the trail, park in the parking lot for Mailly Waterfront Park, near the downtown. Cross the road, and walk along the train tracks to find the path. You’ll come out on a pretty meadow, with two picnic tables. Tracks circle the small field, and there is a spur to a river overlook.

Directions: Take Route 24 into town. You’ll see a big parking lot and park on the right, after you’ve crossed the bridge if you’re coming from the south. The trail starts across the street from the lot, to the right of the building with a sandpile.

Wildes Road Wildlife Management Area, Bowdoinham

Amble through a wide-open meadow to a view of Merrymeeting Bay. This is an old farm site, and it’s possible to see the foundations of a farmhouse or barn. The trails weren’t marked when I was here (although there did appear to be a track) so you just have to make your way to the shore around the fields and out the short peninsulas for views of the wide Kennebec River.

From the parking lot, you’ll walk down a track and then along the power lines until you’ll see a trail off to your left. You can head down there to each the east meadow and make your way around the property clockwise. If you continue down the power line, you’ll end up taking an old road through the fields to what looks like the old homestead ruins.

Directions: To get to the trailhead take a right onto Wildes Road from Brown Point’s Road. Drive to the end of the road past the first gate, and park to the right of the second gate.