Posted on July 16, 2018 and last updated on July 19, 2022

Mt. Maguerrewok, Baring


  • Preserve Size: 29,098 acres (Baring and Edmunds)
  • Trail Mileage: 1 mile
  • Pets: yes
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Sights: view

For a short hike with views within the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge in Baring, you can head up Mt. Maguerrewok tucked into the uppermost eastern corner of the preserve.

You start by walking down Ice House Road, which is part of the refuge’s Auto Route, for 0.4 miles, until you come to a couple of signs. There will be a jeep track on your left heading into the forest. If you follow this track, which climbs steadily, for 0.6 miles (there are no intersecting paths), you’ll arrive on the summit of Mt. Maguerrewok (380 ft.) where there are several small communications towers.

Supposedly, there is a 50-foot path in front of the left-most tower that takes you to a view. I missed this because I was being besieged by horse flies and ran screaming down the mountain. But I did, briefly, see a view of the marsh from behind the tower, from an open ledge. More info here.

Directions: You can park in a small clearing where Ice House Road meets Route 1 in the northeast corner of the Moosehorn Refuge.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!