Posted on October 4, 2014 and last updated on July 31, 2022

Woods Road Community Forest, Falmouth


  • Preserve Size: 140 acres
  • Trail Mileage: ~3.7 miles in network
  • Pets: yes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Sights: old-growth pine, hemlock and spruce trees

This 161-acre preserve protects the oldest forest stand in Falmouth, according to the town, and one of the oldest in southern Maine. It is beautiful, so cool and quiet (at times, you can hear the highway, though). If you go all the way to the end, you’ll walk a total of about 3.5 miles. There is also a newer .7-mile trail leading to Longwoods Road, which has some nice sections along a pretty stream.

In addition, the land trust has made a short wheelchair-accessible loop at the start of the walk, off the trailhead at Woods Road.

Directions: Woods Road Community Forest is on Woods Road, just north of the entrance to The Woodlands Club. A kiosk on the eastern side of the road marks the entrance.

2 comments to “Woods Road Community Forest, Falmouth”
2 comments to “Woods Road Community Forest, Falmouth”
  1. I just walked up Route 9 in Falmouth today with my son and there is actually an offshoot of this trail (and good parking!) starting on the west side of Route 9/Longwoods Road midway between Woods Road and Mackensie Lane. There’s a map of the updated trail located at the parking lot too.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!