Posted on July 17, 2020 and last updated on November 02, 2020

Hutchins Island and Marsh Preserve, Islesboro


  • Preserve Size: Not sure
  • Trail Mileage: 3 miles in network
  • Pets: yes
  • Difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Sights: Parker and Coombs Coves, marsh and beach

Make sure to read the fine print on the land trust’s instructions to this preserve and park on Bluff Road. There is a small pullover, marked with a land trust sign, at the end of Bluff Road right before the left turn onto Hutchins Island Lane.

After you park on Bluff Road, walk .3 miles down Hutchins Island Lane to the trail head kiosk. Soon after starting your walk, you’ll reach the junction where you can choose whether to start your walk by walking the curvy 1.7 miles or so around the atmospheric marsh, on Elaine’s Trail, or head directly out to the shore and the tidal sandbar to Hutchins Island.

We started off on Elaine’s Trail, which is long, windy, and peaceful, with some nice views over the marsh. While the preserve allows dogs, there is one area down one of the peninsula jutting into the marsh that is designated a wilderness area and does not allow dogs.

The trail eventually emerges onto the beach. If you have time, follow the .2-mile sandbar to Hutchins Island to do the .6-mile loop trail around the small island. The tidal sandbar is covered with water at high tides, so check the tide charts before your hike. While that sounds a bit scary, at least it doesn’t sound as if you will get stuck on Hutchins Island if you time the tides wrong! But I am not certain—we visited the preserve at low tide, and to be absolutely sure you don’t get stuck, make sure you leave yourself a good amount of time before high tide.

Directions: From Main Road traveling north, turn left onto Bluff Road. Drive all the way down Bluff Road to the intersection with Hutchins Island Lane. There is a small pullover for two or three cars on Bluff Lane, right before the intersection with Hutchins Island Lane. You cannot park at the trail head, so leave your car here and walk down the charming lane to the trail head.

4 comments to “Hutchins Island and Marsh Preserve, Islesboro”
4 comments to “Hutchins Island and Marsh Preserve, Islesboro”

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